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  1. Susan Smith disse:

    Wow that was a near miss, well done to entangle

  2. Lynda Brayton disse:

    Hehe yes very similar except no fishwife on the bow of another boat!

  3. Sam Sparks disse:

    Matt Gottard what ya reckon mate sort it out with a bit of car bog?

  4. Terry Jacobs disse:

    Lost a wheel …. who was that!

  5. Fck did 06 have right of way?

  6. Si parece eso una regata social del RCNGC…!!!!!?

  7. So who’s fault was it then?

  8. Gilbert Hallé pis as-tu toujours hâte de venir sur notre futur bateau? Lol

  9. Alex Ham looks like they don’t like the wheel instead of tiller either

  10. Tugdual, la barre à roue en carton ???

  11. Antoine Seux disse:

    Baptiste quand c est toi qui barre

  12. Colin Ip disse:

    Ah, missed the olive…

  13. Bruno Oliveira see poking people with a stick is absolutely normal in sailing…

  14. Aaron Power disse:

    Graham Curran.. see from that angle I think he’s not in the wrong ??

  15. Port/ starboard. Clear who is the idiot here

  16. Agathe Martin haha omg !! Ca va être compliqué de barrer maintenant 😀

  17. Interes Panu odleciał!… Takie kółko metalowe…

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